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Our mission

Thank you for your support of Animal Heart Foundation.  With your help, we can all the lifesavers to the many animals in need and homeless pets who are dreaming of second chances.   Without you…we couldn’t achieve our mission.

We are not a rescue group.  Instead, our mission is to help many of the wonderful groups doing very important things to save lives and to help spay/neuter programs prevent unwanted dogs and cats from being born. Also to help and support those brave organizations who fight against all types of cruelty and violence against all animals.  When we opened, we decided not to open a rescue that would take a piece of the limited funding…but instead, to spread it around.
what we do is providing cash donations to animal rescue organizations with the purpose of reducing pet overpopulation through adoption, spay/neuter programs and education/awareness.Also providing cash donations to the organizations who make sure existing laws are properly enforced,also those organizations who Pass local, state and federal laws to protect animals and Help the biggest corporations reform their animal welfare policies.
Since opening in 2006, we are proud to have provided grants of over $1 Million to more than 100 animal rescue groups and spay/neuter programs.  We know there are many deserving organizations who give their heart and soul to save many innocent lives and keep fighting for them