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It’s a hoppy ending — for the bunnies.

An infamous Brooklyn bunny hoarder was found guilty on Monday of abusing 100 of the rabbits she kept in squalid conditions on a Gowanus lot.

Draped in blue velvet, rabbit fanatic Dorota Trec stood as the jury forewoman read out ​the 125 counts, which represent ​one ​charge of “​​overdriving and torturing​”​ for each of the ailing rabbits that were seized from her in 2015.

There was a 126th rabbit for which she was charged, but that bunny died during trial and prosecutors could not determine whether it succumbed to a pre-existing condition or via abuse from Trec.

The six-person jury acquitted the 36-year-old of ​charges involving 25 of the bunnies. Trec faces up to two years behind bars when she is sentenced.

Trec, who has no law degree, acted as her own attorney throughout the two-week trial — and frustrated Brooklyn Criminal Court Judge Curtis Farber several times with her constant objections.

Farber set a Jan. 3 hearing to determine how much Trec owes the ASPCA, which housed the bunnies after they were seized from the lot behind her Gowanus home. She could be on the hook for more than $50,000 for their care.

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The judge also decided that Trec will have to surrender the 90 bunnies she still has to the ASPCA.

That prompted the bunny hoarder to insist that she would file a restraining order on behalf of the rabbits.

After the verdict was read, Trec, who behaved erratically throughout the trial — often showing up late to court and mounting one objection after another during testimony — claimed one of the jurors had met her before.

“My first concern is Juror No. 6, it appears that he knows me,” Trec blurted out after the jury had left.

“You’re bringing that up for the first time, now?” Judge Farber asked incredulously.

“Yes, I was not clear then, I’m still not clear now, but I would like to question him,” Trec said.

Ignoring her, Judge Farber turned to speak to Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney Denise Siler, but was again interrupted by Trec.

“I move to vacate the verdict, based on the fact that the verdict is against each weight of evidence,” she boomed.

Trec also said she plans to appeal the verdict and seemed confident she wouldn’t spend time behind bars for animal abuse.

“I did the research, and I don’t think I’ll get jail time,” she insisted.

During closing arguments, Siler urged the jurors to “be the voice” of the injured bunnies.


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