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Black Rhinos

Black Rhinos

Rhinoceros is a Greek word. ‘Rhino’ means ‘nose’ and ‘ceros’ means ‘horn’.

  • Black rhinos have a ‘prehensile’, meaning hooked, lip for pulling leaves off branches.
  • Rhinos run on their toes. That’s a lot of weight to carry!
  • As the saying goes, rhinos do have thick skin, but they can still get sun burnt.
  • Black rhinos are the third biggest of the five types of rhino.
  • Black rhinos love eating plants. Up to 220 different types!

The Eastern black rhino is seriously at risk of becoming extinct. You can find out more about how we’re helping black rhino conservation.

The biggest danger to rhinos is poaching, or being killed for their horn.
Rhinos are herbivores (plant eaters). They eat leafy plants, branches, shoots, bushes and fruit.
Rhinos have been on this planet for a really long time. Rhinoceros are related to woolly mammoth – these are huge wool covered animals even bigger than elephants that lived during the ice age a long, long time ago. The species of rhinoceros we know today has been around for 15 million years – that’s a lot more years than us!

The White Rhinoceros is the second largest mammal on the planet – the elephant is the biggest. A male White Rhino can weigh 3,500 kilograms. All of the rhino species weigh over 1,000 kilograms when they are fully grown.

Rhinos may be very big, but they are also very fast. They can run up to 20 kilometres per hour. But they don’t have to run much. Rhinoceros don’t have many predators, so there aren’t many animals that hunt them in the wild. If a brave lion or tiger does try to attack a rhino, the thick horn on the rhino’s nose will easily scare it away!

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